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Family Law and

Alternative Dispute Resolution





Jennifer's approach is client-focused and efficient. Clients will feel heard, but also have realistic expectations of likely outcomes. Jennifer can help clients see the bigger picture when their vision might be clouded by the emotionality of the situation. Ideally, clients will resolve their cases without the need for litigation. But, if they cannot, they will benefit from Jennifer's significant experience as an advocate in court. Practice areas include:


Divorce  -  Paternity  -  Custody & Parenting Time  -  Child Support  -  

Spousal Maintenance - Post-Decree



Jennifer provides dispute resolution services that draw on her broad practice experience. She has experience resolving financial and custody/parenting matters. In her role as a neutral, Jennifer listens to clients and helps guide them to make choices that resolve their disputes. Jennifer seeks to create an environment where clients will be their best selves and able to think creatively about possible resolutions. Jennifer provides the following services:


Parenting Consultant - Parenting Time Expeditor - SENE/FENE Evaluator - Mediator




Jennifer represents clients in a variety of family law matters, from divorces and paternity cases to post-decree modifications of custody, child support and spousal maintenance. In addition, she acts as a facilitative neutral and is trained as a Guardian ad Litem, mediator, parenting consultant, and parenting time expeditor.


After graduating from the University of Minnesota Law School in 1999, Jennifer began her career as a judicial clerk in Hennepin county.  Her legal experience includes work in the public and nonprofit sectors as well as over a decade in private law practice as an associate and partner. 


In addition to her extensive work in family law cases, Jennifer has represented clients in contract disputes, business formation, arbitration, public finance, and professional licensing matters. This broad practice experience informs the strong advocacy Jennifer provides for her clients across the full range of family law matters.


Whether your family court case involves a complex, high net worth estate with the need for business evaluations and nonmarital tracing or a more simple financial estate, Jennifer can help. Likewise, Jennifer has represented clients in high conflict contested custody matters and also cases in which parents have made an agreement and need help memorializing it for the court.


Experience. Integrity. Compassion.



Jennifer draws from her experience and tailors her approach to each case to the needs and goals of her client. She handles cases efficiently and effectively, providing attentive advocacy throughout the case. Jennifer acts in partnership with clients by giving them the information that they need to make decisions in their best interests within the confines of the law. Her clients benefit from the efforts she has made to cultivate a reputation of respect among other attorneys, experts, and judicial officers.



Jennifer understands that family changes, including divorces and custody matters, are complicated and multifaceted. Jennifer helps clients navigate the changing landscape of these dynamics. She explains the law to clients in a clear and understandable manner so they can make choices that make sense for their family, both now and in the future.Jennifer understands the need to give back to the community and includes pro bono and sliding fee representation as part of her practice. Jennifer has risen to the call from the courts to help find creative ways to provide more legal services to the public. Her volunteer work expands her cultural competency and experience working with a diverse population.



  Jennifer's CV is available here


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